Tips for Choosing Your Bridal Hair Accessories - Orchidee de soie

Tips for Choosing Your Bridal Hair Accessories - Orchidee de soie

Orchidée de Soie reveals some tips for better match between your wedding jewelry and your outfit.

How to choose your wedding jewelry?

The choice of wedding jewelry or accessory depends on several criteria, at first of your wedding dress ! Choose her wedding jewelry according to the fabrics and lace components your wedding outfit to play on an effect of materials. It will be noted that the spirit of the wedding dress is an item to be largely taken into account. The style of the hairstyle counts a lot to give an idea of ​​the size of the hair accessory. In our collections of jewelry for the bride, it will be easy to find wedding accessories coordinated and made from very beautiful materials of luxury. Calais lace, silk are carefully chosen to bring a high-end finish. The bridal jewelry is delicately made according to traditional methods of fashion.

Matching her jewelry and bridal accessories to her wedding dress take care to stay in the same spirit bohemian wedding, vintage, retro, modern, classic ...

The style of your wedding hairstyle helps in choosing its hairdressing accessory. Plan in advance the location of the hair jewel for easy insertion into her bohemian hairstyle or messy bun on D-Day.

The bridal necklace should be chosen in function of the neckline of the bridal gown (strapless wedding dress, wedding backless). It is based on the color of its wedding ring to match the color of the dresse of the wedding jewel.

Tips by type of wedding accessory?

The hairpins are perfect to be stitched in your bun preferably in odd number for a more harmonious look. The flower comb adapts to the movements of your bridal hairstyle and delicately comes to rest on the side of the messy bun or wavy hairstyle.

The bridal headband is suitable for all types of free hairstyle hair or chignon to pose on the forehead for a bohemian effect or on the top of the head for a romantic style. It is ideal for brides with short hair.

The birdcage veil gives this little retro or modern effect of the style of the wedding birdcage veil, to choose according to the spirit of the wedding dress.

Bridal hair accessories made in France

Accessories for brides with short hair?

Dear brides with short hair here are some accessories that will suit to accessorize your hair. choose the headband or crown according to your personality and the hair clip/barrette for a good keeping in your hairstyle.

How Are Silk Flowers Made For Silk Orchid Wedding Jewelry?

The creator of the Orchidée de Soie brand has been trained among the best craftsmen of Art to make her couture fashion flowers. The sewing flowers are handmade according to traditional methods, soft to the touch thanks to the noble materials composed mainly of silk. The making of silk flowers requires precise and precise know-how learned from an art master working for haute couture shows. Our bridal jewelry is embellished with silk flowers (lace, satin, silk organza). Fashion flowers are always made from precious natural materials. Specific tools are needed to shape the petals. Depending on the style of the hairstyle, it will be necessary to adapt the choice and the size of the hairdressing accessory. Bridal jewelry and hairstyle accessories made up of flowers come in several categories (Silk Flower, hair comb, Headband and Silk Flower Crowns).

What colors for high-end silk flowers & sewing?

Our workshop specializes in making silk flowers on our wedding jewelry and hair accessories. The silk flowers can be tinted in various by hand in our workshop the favorite colors coral, black, old pink, blue ...

The headband supports for our wedding jewelry and hairdressing accessories are made in the workshop by hand. Various colors are available so that the support of the wedding jewelry is founded in your hair we also offer the 2 colors of base gold or silver.

bridal hair accessories made in France

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