How to choose her wedding jewelry

How to choose her wedding jewelry

For an irreproachable look, her wedding day, all the brides have the desire to be irresistible, at the height of elegance to appear before their future husband. All details of the wedding have been studied, now remains the issue of hairstyle and hair accessories. The wedding accessory this detail in addition to perfect son look! Style remains important! The final touch to bring to the bridal outfit. Silk orchid offers many hair accessories for the wedding to sublimate its bridal hairstyle.

In the online shop orchidée de Soie, Sandrine the designer offers a large selection of accessories to accessorized her bridal hairstyle. On the Orchidée de Soie’s e-shop find the hairstyling accessory that complements the hairstyle of the D-day  hairpins, hair combs, barrettes, headbands or tiaras. Orchidée de Soie devotes much of the collection to hair accessories for the wedding. When choosing the accessory, be sure to consider the style of the hairstyle and current trends.

Bridal hair accessories Marceau Orchidée de Soie

Find our tips to find the hairstyle accessory for her wedding that best matches your bridal look. Stay yourself and also choose according to his personality, a wise advice not visually overload the whole.

You have found your precious wedding dress and defined the style of hairstyle that best fits between bun, messy hairstyle or braid.

- Determine the location of the hairdress accessory to facilitate its placement the day of the wedding.

 - Stay on your choice and charger events your hair. - Stay in line with your formal attire in style, color and materials.

It is possible to add on request a touch of colors on the wedding hair accessories. The wedding hairstyle accessories accompany all in delicacy the curves of a bohemian hairstyle or a braided bun. All brides are attentive to the influences of fashion, and the hair accessory has become an indispensable coming to sublimate the outfit.

For the brides with short hair, make  your choice for wedding, hairclips/ barrettes, crowns or headbands. The brides are attentive to the influences of fashion and the hairdressing accessory has become an indispensable chic accessory that comes to sublimate the outfit.

The materials used for our wedding hair accessories are chosen carefully to give the best rendering. Associations of materials are studied for this contemporary and current effect. The finishes are made with the utmost care in order to get the high end wedding accessories close to the luxury accessories. Lace, silk and silk tulle are made in France. The high-end beads and rhinestones chosen for an unrivaled brilliance. Creation artisanale realized in France.

The designer helps you by a few tips in choosing your wedding accessories and jewelry.

Bridal hair accessories made in France Islande

The designer will listen to you and answer all your questions to contact (@)

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