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Choisir ses bijoux de mariage

Choose your wedding jewelry

Maison Sabben gives you some advice on how to best adapt your wedding jewelery to your outfit.

How to choose your wedding jewelry?

The choice of wedding jewelry or accessory depends on several criteria, first of all on your wedding dress! Choose your wedding jewelry according to the fabrics and laces that make up your wedding outfit to play on a material effect. It should be noted that the spirit of the wedding dress is an element to be largely taken into account. The style of the hairstyle counts a lot to give an idea of ​​the size of the hair jewel to stick in it.

Match your jewelry and bridal accessories to your wedding dress, take care to stay in the same bohemian, vintage, retro, modern, classic wedding spirit...
The style of your wedding hairstyle helps to choose its hair accessory. Plan in advance the location of the hair jewel to easily insert it into your bohemian hairstyle or fuzzy bun on D-Day.
The bridal necklace should be chosen according to the neckline of the wedding dress (bustier wedding dress, a precious backless or low-cut wedding dress)
We base ourselves on the color of her wedding ring to match the color of the bridal jewellery.

Advice according to the type of wedding accessory?

The bun picks are perfect to be stuck in your bun preferably in odd numbers for a more harmonious look.
The flower comb adapts to the movements of your bridal hairstyle and delicately comes to rest on the side of the bun or fuzzy hairstyle.
The headband is suitable for all types of loose hair or bun hairstyles to be placed on the forehead for a bohemian effect or on the top of the head for a romantic style. It is ideal for brides with short hair.

Accessories for brides with short hair?

Dear brides with short hair, here are some accessories that will suit to accessorize your hair. Bet on the headband or the crown according to your personality and on the clip rather a crocodile clip for a good maintenance in your hairstyle.

How are Maison Sabben wedding jewelery made?

The designer of the Maison Sabben brand trained with the best craftsmen to make modern and contemporary jewelry. The jewels are made by hand using traditional methods and are gilded with fine gold. Depending on the style of her hairstyle, the choice and size of the hair accessory should be adapted.