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After confirmation of the order, undertakes to deliver by means of DHL OR UPS, all the references ordered by the Buyer and this within a maximum period "working in France" notified on the product sheet of the articles composing the order placed by the Buyer (unless otherwise specified on the site, periods of leave, periods of trade fairs or periods of high activity).

Delivery will be made by DHL or UPS for International shipments for European countries and Switzerland, by Colissimo International for the rest of the world.

From the time of collection by UPS or DHL, you are delivered to your home within 48 hours, subject to the deposit deadlines for France. The package will be delivered to you at the delivery address indicated by the buyer when ordering. It is therefore important that he has all the elements that will allow him to deliver your package to you without difficulty.

However, if you were absent, the carrier will resort to depositing at a relay point in this case. an ID to collect your package. From the date mentioned, you have a period of 15 days to collect your package. After this time, it will be automatically returned to its sender.

Any delays do not entitle the Buyer to claim damages. The goods always travel at the recipient's risk and peril.

Loss and/or Theft:

NOTE : We no longer use the services of La Poste because too many losses and thefts are to be deplored.

Two carriers are available for the delivery of your order.

DHL /UPS carrier: Checked the condition of the package before receipt and verification of the contents. In case of loss or theft of your purchase during transport. Reimbursement will only be made on presentation of the reserve voucher: notification of the damaged or opened package.

We recommend that you refuse any package opened or damaged by the carrier.

transport law

Without notification of reserve on your part made upon receipt of a damaged package or open package to the carrier, no refund will be made.